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We manufacture all of our Fabric here on site in East Point, Georgia.  We purchase strand from several domestic and international manufactures in order to get the best quality at the best prices.  Imperial Fence Supply is committed to source as much as we can from mills based in the United States.  We welcome customers on our shop floor to see what makes us different than others.  We distribute Pipe out of our location to the dimensions needed on a per job basis.  We regularly purchase pipe in 18′, 21’, and 24’ segments.  We are then able to cut the size/gauge to whatever you will need to complete your project.  If you are doing a large project, we work with many domestic mills to get you a quick turnaround on large orders.  All Accessories are carefully sourced from reputable manufacturers and distributors.


We are a Stocking Distributor for the Ideal Aluminum line.  We stock the Residential Series in both 4’ and 5’.  We currently offer both the Maine (Spear Top) and Long Island (Flat Top), 3 Rail panels.  Posts, Gates, and Hardware are available for you to install the system.  We work closely with the folks at Ideal and can order any special size gates or non-stock panels.


Chain Link Fabric

We use Class III and Class IV Galvanized wire for all of our Chain Link Fabric. This ensures you will have many years of rust free fence. We only manufacture GBW (Galvanized Before Weaving) fabric. We do this for many reasons. We feel it is a safer product for all residential applications. It does not have the galvanized “icicles” that GAW (Galvanized After Weaving) does. If you have ever cut your hand or had clothes snagged by a chain link fence, it was GAW. These “icicles” also make it harder to install and less forgiving. Furthermore, through independent testing, the GBW Chain Link with its protective coating actually outlasts GAW fence when it comes to red rust in the field. It is easy to see why the majority of home owners are choosing a GBW product for all new chain link fences. It is safer, easier to install, and last longer than its GAW counterpart.


We also carry a Class V (2.0 oz. Zinc) wire for jobs requiring that specific chain link.

All of our residential Chain Link fabric is made using a minimum of Class III galvanized wire. We weave it to the industry standard 2 3/8” mesh and roll it in 50’ increments. We only use a true 11.5 gauge wire for strength and durability. We also go to great lengths to ensure out wire has the proper tensile strength to create the very best fabric you can buy.

We offer the following sizes/Gauges as stock at all times. We are happy to run any heights or lengths. We also have other sizes available on the floor and can quickly turn around any order.

  • 4 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle
  • 5 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle
  • 6 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle

Our Commercial Grade Chain Link fabric is 9 Gauge with a 2” mesh. Once again, we only use Class III and up, although the majority of our Commercial 9 Gauge is Class IV. We offer the ability to do any size or length for any job up from 18″ up to 12’. We stock the following:

  • 6 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle or Knuckle/Twist
  • 8 foot Knuckle/Twist

We also stock 6 Gauge wire for any heavy duty application. All 6 Gauge orders are run to order.

We invite you to come and see our facility. We would like you to see what makes us different than any other supplier. You will be able to see the entire process of making Chain Link fabric. You will see how we carefully source the materials complete with identifying tags, you will see how we actually “weave” the wire to create the chain link fence you will be installing.


Extruded is the term the fence industry uses for the colors of chain link fence you see popping up all over the place. We offer Black extruded in many varieties and sizes. All Black Extruded has a 2” mesh unless specified. As for wire types, we stock the following:

  • Extruded – 9 Gauge (residential), 8 Gauge Heavy Residential/Commercial, 6 Gauge Commercial
  • Fuse Bonded – 8 Gauge (commercial and spec jobs)

Extruded is wire that has had a vinyl coating put around the wire. Fuse bonded product is thermally fused to the vinyl to prevent it from coming apart.

We also carry Green strand to weave into 8 and 9 Gauge Chain Link Fabric.

Stocked Items


9 Gauge

  • 4 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle
  • 5 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle
  • 6 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle and Knuckle/Twist

8 Gauge

  • 4 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle
  • 5 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle
  • 6 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle and Knuckle/Twist

6 Gauge

  • 6 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle and Knuckle Twist
  • 8 foot – Knuckle/Twist

Custom Gates

Simply choose a pipe size and thickness and a fabric type. Give us the dimensions, and we will provide you with a free quote in the matter of minutes. Choose from the following:

Pipe (We stock in Galv and Black):

  • 1 3/8” – .047, .055, 20WT
  • 1 5/8” – .047, .055, 15WT, 20WT, 40WT
  • 1 7/8” – .055, 20WT, 40WT
  • 2 3/8” – .055, 20WT, 40WT

*We also carry some green pipe and fittings.  Call for details.


  • 2 3/8” Galvanized Mesh
  • 2” Mesh in Galvanized or Extruded
  • 1 3/4″ (Tennis Court) Galvanized or Extruded

We can also special order any other sizes or gauges for spec jobs. We will quote any gates you would like built.

In-Stock Gates

We stock the most common sizes in both Galvanized and Black. All gate hardware is also available.

Walk Gates:

Walk Gates are stocked in widths of 4′, 5′, and 6′. We offer them in heights of 4’, 5’, and 6’ in both Galvanized and Black.

Walk Gates are made with 1 3/8” galvanized frame and 11.5 gauge fabric (9# for black). All gates are hand welded by a trained welder. Fabric is attached to the frame with Tension Bars and Bands, not clips.

Double Drive gates:

Gates come in widths of 10’, 12’, and 16’. We offer them in heights of 4’, 5’, and 6’.

Any size gate can be ordered and produced. We can have you a custom gate quote in as little as 10 minutes if we are provided with the proper specs.


We stock common sizes and gauges for all applications.

We stock most of the common sizes but also will custom cut any pipe you require.

  • 1 3/8” – .047, .055, 20WT – Top Rail
  • 1 5/8” – .047, .055, 20WT, 40WT – Line Posts / Top Rail
  • 1 7/8” – .055, 20WT, 40WT– Line Posts / Economy Terminal Posts
  • 2 3/8” – .055, 20WT, 40WT – Terminal/Corner Posts/Gate Posts
  • 3″ – 20WT, 40WT – Terminal Posts / Gate Posts
  • 4″ – 40WT – Terminal Posts / Gate Posts
  • 6 5/8″ 40WT – Terminal Posts / Gate Posts

We stock above in Galv and Black.  We carry an assortment of green pipe and fittings as well


We stock a complete line for almost any Chain Link fence installation. We stock parts in both Galvanized and Black to match the fence fabric. We source the thicker, professional grade parts to ensure a better quality part that enhance any chain link fence installation. We can also provide you with screen and privacy slats as needed. The list below are just some of the parts we carry in addition to all Tension Bars, Tension Wire, Barbed Wire, etc.

Aluminum Ornamental Fence

We stock an iDeal Aluminum line in house.  We can also custom order any aluminum fence you require.

Steel Ornamental Fence

We stock residential Steel Ornamental Fence in flat top and spear top.  Both these styles come in 3 rails.  These panels come in 8′ lengths.  We carry it in 4′.  We also carry a 3′ 2 rail section that is rackable and used for stairs.  We stock all the posts and brackets you will need to install the steel panels.  All of our steel fence is sourced domestically.

Temporary Fence

We can produce Temporary Fence Panels, Temporary Fence Gates, and Stands. Please ask for a custom quote. We do not require any minimum purchase quantity and have a quick turn-around time. We also offer Wind Screen and Wind Screen Stands. We can also produce temporary Fence rolls with posts installed so at the site, you simply unroll, drive the posts and install any hardware. Please call for details and custom quotes.