Chain Link Fabric

We use Class III (.8) and Class IV (1.2) Galvanized wire for all of our Chain Link Fabric. This ensures you will have many years of rust free fence. We only manufacture GBW (Galvanized Before Weaving) fabric. We do this for many reasons. We feel it is a safer product for all residential applications. It does not have the galvanized “icicles” that GAW (Galvanized After Weaving) does. If you have ever cut your hand or had clothes snagged by a chain link fence, it was GAW. These “icicles” also make it harder to install and less forgiving. Furthermore, through independent testing, the GBW Chain Link with its protective coating actually outlasts GAW fence when it comes to red rust in the field. It is easy to see why the majority of home owners are choosing a GBW product for all new chain link fences. It is safer, easier to install, and last longer than its GAW counterpart.

All of our residential Chain Link fabric is made using a minimum of Class III galvanized wire. We weave it to the industry standard 2 3/8” mesh and roll it in 50’ increments. We only use a true 11.5 gauge wire for strength and durability. We also go to great lengths to ensure out wire has the proper tensile strength to create the very best fabric you can buy.

We stock many sizes for both Residential and Commercial/Industrial Application.  We can also run custom size fabric for specific projects.  We stock the following at all times:


Galvanized 11.5 Gauge:

  • 4 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle
  • 5 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle
  • 6 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle and Knuckle/Twist
  • 8 foot Knuckle/Twist

Our Commercial Grade Chain Link fabric is 9 Gauge with a 2” mesh. Once again, we only use Class III and IV, although the majority of our Commercial 9 Gauge is Class IV. We offer the ability to do any size or length for any job up to 12’. We stock the following:

  • 6 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle or Knuckle/Twist
  • 8 foot Knuckle/Twist
  • 10 foot Knuckle/Twist


We also stock 6 Gauge wire for any heavy duty application. All 6 Gauge orders are run to order.

We invite you to come and see our facility. We would like you to see what makes us different than any other supplier. You will be able to see the entire process of making Chain Link fabric. You will see how we carefully source the materials complete with identifying tags, you will see how we actually “weave” the wire to create the chain link fence you will be installing.


Extruded is the term the fence industry uses for the colors of chain link fence you see popping up all over the place. We offer Black extruded in many varieties and sizes. All Black Extruded has a 2” mesh unless specified. As for wire types, we stock the following:

  • Extruded – 9 Gauge (residential)
  • Extruded with Glue – 9 Gauge (residential and commercial) 8 Gauge (commercial and Heavy Duty Residential) and 6 Gauge (commercial/Industrial)
  • Fuse Bonded – 8 Gauge (commercial and spec jobs)

Extruded is wire that has had a vinyl coating put around the wire. For the Extruded with Glue, the same is true, except the wire and vinyl are glued together to prevent them from coming apart or peeling. Fuse bonded product is thermally fused to the vinyl to prevent it from coming apart.

Stocked Items


9 Gauge

  • 4 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle
  • 5 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle
  • 6 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle and Knuckle Twist

8 Gauge

  • 4 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle
  • 5 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle
  • 6 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle and Knuckle Twist


6 Gauge

  • 6 foot – Knuckle/Knuckle or Knuckle Twist
  • 8 foot – Knuckle/Twist


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